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Sooo.. This shit must be continued.

Today.. Eeeeehh.. Yesterday was my eights day of my DefaultCity adventure.

And now I wanna calculate one-week's money flush index. Let's roll... First of all, I decided to describe my thoughts in English, because I feel boring, lol, so, please, if you are a bit confused then use perevodchik. OK, now, here we go.

When I left the Volgograd city I had about forty five thousand rubles and I considered in my calculations this number will help me to live in Moscow at least three month.

I hoped for about one hundred and fifty rubles per day will be costs me for a rubbish-flat and then that will drained about five thousand rubles per month or fifteen thousand rubles per three month.

De facto I living for a free, thanks to my flatmate for this.

One thousand seven hundred and seventy six rubles I planned to spend on cell phone because of my Nokia last few month was greatly ill, and I throw a coin every day to gambling about will it be touched by death today or not.

Anyway In my first Moscow day I bought a Philips X130 Xenium and actually still didn't charge it from first day by now and it drained away from me one thousand seven hundred and seventy six rubles.

Next step I paid for a five day of rubbish-flat and it was costed me one thousand two hundred and fifty rubles. Next thing is tablet pc with three thousand eight hundred and forty rubles money going away effect. And of course I did fuckin prosral my favorite shoes and spend in that case one thousand and three hundred rubles for a new one.

Also I bought kettle and pan so it costed me five hundred rubles. Next Megafon and MTS sim-cards - three hundred rubles. Three hundred and thirty rubles I spended on Ryazan'-Moscow train.

Under line we have a nine thousand three hundred and thirty rubles as a one-time buying act. If I could already have a shoes, phone, tablet, pan, kettle, simcards in my possess and didn't spend for rubbish-flat then I may been not to buy all this stuff.

From my forty five thousand remained thirty five dot seven thousand rubles and it is a first point of calculations.

Second point is about now I have a thirty two dot six thousand rubles which means the one week about three thousands rubles fleed away on train tickets, talking phone and food.

Trains, phone and food isn't a one time buying act so, we can calculate it per week. Foods and calls I believe isn't take away so much money so I bet it's a hungry train took away over dohuya money for one week.

Now if the stars will be favorable to me I be able live in this city at least for eleven weeks before my first salary or my return.

Considering one past week it's a twelve weeks or three month as I planned.

Bad part of this plan are circumstance in which I don't paying for a flat by now and if I not been able to not to paid for a flat by now it would take away seven and half thousand per month more and I couldn't live three month and can only seven and one third weeks spending about four thousand eight hundred and seventy five rubles per week or sixty percent from initial plan.

C'est la vie.

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